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My Story

My name is Rebekka, also known at 'bek.lj' on TikTok, and I am a live wedding artist located in South-East Melbourne, VIC, Australia. I preserve your best memories on paper and canvas, and capture your finest moments through an artistic lens. 

A little about me and how I found myself here:

I grew up in Melbourne and showed an innate talent for drawing from the age of six. I delved into photo-realistic portraiture from the age of eleven after one of my teachers recognised who I had drawn. As I grew older, the wedding industry began calling my name. I collected books on wedding planning and dreamed to someday be apart of this rewarding and heart-warming industry.

At the age of fourteen, I was featured in my first fine art exhibition and had my artwork published in a book. By the age of twenty-one I had already seen my work featured in the prestigious Rick Amor Drawing Prize, the National Gallery of Victoria, the Mornington Art Show, and the Melbourne Museum.  

I went on to graduate from Swinburne University with a Bachelor's in Business & Marketing and worked in content creation before getting engaged myself. Having rediscovered my love for weddings, I decided to combine my two passions by becoming a Live Wedding Artist.

I specialise in photo-realistic and hyper-realistic drawings and paintings. I love to capture the essence of my subjects through an emotional and intimate lens.

Since beginning this journey, I have been featured on WGN Trending with Marcus Chicago, 'Unbelievable!' Japan, The Knot, The Wedding Day Podcast sponsored by Easy Weddings, Ultimate, Tyla, and TikTok. 

If you would like me for your wedding, I invite you to get in touch so that I can help make your wedding day dreams a reality.

With love

Rebekka Lord-Johnson

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